Learning Resources 

We can all benefit from training, reading, listening, praying together and sharing.

So please explore these links.

OMG Leaflets, Booklets and Tracts by Anthony Delaney - a snazzy design that catches the attention of younger people. And it does - I use it! You can get these from PetersBrook Ltd., South Court, Sharston Road, Sharston, Manchester, M22 4SN. 

Click the link to go to the site: OMG What if he's listening? Enquiry booklets.

Reading Material - Books   -- Read all about it!

Distance Learning Course   -- for the serious student of evangelism.

Practical Mission Training   -- training weekends for practical mission work

Going on a short Mission in the UK  -- now go and do mission with others.

Other web sites helpful on Evangelism   -- you may find these helpful.

Mission Accessories - A5 Clipboards-- you may find these helpful.

Forgiveness and Unforgiveness: Why forgive? - click to see the story.