Dave Smethurst, Evangelist

Dave Smethurst is an evangelist with an international ministry. His web site is www.smethurstministries.org. I have met him and heard him speak. He is clear, encouraging and motivating. Well worth a listen.

Here are some audio clips from his talk, "Destiny - Fulfilling your dreams".

Subject Duration Play
1 Show Strike-Potential 9 mins
2 Have_A_Warrior_Spirit 7 mins 
3 A Challenge to do Battle 7 mins
4 An Excellent Performance 6 mins
5 Be a Worshipper of God 6 mins
6 Heirs of the Warrior-King 6 mins
7 Conversion of His Father 12 mins
8 Discipline and Discipling - part 1 14 mins
9 Discipline and Discipling - part 2 9 mins
The Frank Jenner Testimony: Bournemouth 6 mins
Frank Jenner and the George Street Testimony: London 9 mins